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Oyal Chocolate, which became operational in 1951 to produce innovative, qualified, different and striking products and to make these products indispensable brands which users will use up with pleasure in the World and in Turkey, has become one of the greatest chocolate makers of Turkey since its foundation. Before being a local brand, Oyal Chocolate, which excels ininternational market, has been exporting more than fifty countries, mainly Balkan States, Turkish Republics, Arabic, African and South American countries and Russia. In its wide product range, Oyal Chocolate, which has more than one hundred products appealing to different tastes, has taken part among the important industrial organizations in Turkey. Today, Oyal Chocolate has been producing and serving in chocolate and candy sector with the cutting-edge Technologies of the World in the field. With our different and innovative essence in every segment we attempted in chocolate and candy market, we have been working to be a global brand which creates World flavors with our young and dynamic management structure and offers delighted tastes for human life and contributes to the sector by pioneering with the technological investments and products we have improved.
Semih Erden and Ferhan Tezcan, who turned a college friendship from 1970s into a deep companionship that re-created the miraculous candy now well known in 70 countries. After getting its patent in 1998, HLEKS accelerated innovative studies for popping candy and now HLEKS is the largest popping candy manufacturer worldwide.
One of the brave and innovative companies of Turkey, Solen takes solid steps towards the future with the strength it takes from its brands. Dealing with its every business throughout its 29 years of history full of firsts with the target of being a global player in the region and the world in its mind, Solen has reached important successes in the international markets with its brands such as Amada, Milango, Ozmo, Luppo, Lokkum, and Nutymax. Placing always the human being in the focus of business, Solen offers its over 200 products in the categories of snacks, children's products, souvenirs and treats to consumers of all ages on the racks of over 100 countries. Making a difference in every business it does passionately and never compromising on its values while doing this, Solen makes production with almost 2 thousand employees in its facilities in Gaziantep and Istanbul. Having its name written at the top levels of all lists of its sector in both Turkey and the world, Solen ranks 54th in the Candy Industry TOP 100, which is one of the most important confectionery lists of the world. Solen, which has offices in America, Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and regional managements in the Levant Region, Canada and Latin America, has lastly established Solen USA.
Cihan Chocolate and Candy is a master foundation which manufactures the most quality products since 32 years in its sector. The beginning adventure is a success history of enterprising Anatolia Industrialists. Our future aim is to be among leader marks of Turkey and World. After a few medium sized enterprise investment, the base of our plant in Organize Industry Area in which we active was laid in 2000. At the mid of 2009 years our plant began to manufacture in 6400 m2 covered area with 100 tons/days. We sustain our manufacturing studies through controlling the hygienic manufacturing conditions by the newest investments in our manufacturing area which includes the latest technology. We know that institutionalization and investment to the technology is the sole way of development and stability. To present always healthy products to our customers, all phases beginning from supplying raw material phase with experienced and educated personnel to final product phase are inspected by Quality Control Laboratory. We manufacture or products without compromising from quality, meeting requests of customer needs according to Turkish Nutriment Regulation Terms.
KUTLU chocolate, that defines “Achievement is not a coincidence.”, has started to produce chocolate with squad who are experts in production, selling and marketing departments since 2012 in Istanbul. KUTLU chocolate has made production in totally hygienic and natural conditions with the vision of regional leader by creating difference from its competitors in sector. KUTLU chocolate is commercializing its products which are produced appropriate to AB standards by using the newest technology in many different countries ranging from Turkey to ABD. Work discipline of KUTLU chocolate combines expectations of customers with trends in the world by considering conditions of marketing. KUTLU chocolate leads applying new trends in Turkey. KUTLU chocolate is sensitive to consumers, environment and employees and produces products in high quality. The reason behind the quality of KUTLU chocolate’s products depends on sensitivity in production. KUTLU chocolate, that defines “Achievement is not a coincidence.”, had started to produce chocolate with squad who are experts in production, selling and marketing departments since 2012 in Istanbul.